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Ian Cubitt's Canberra Granny Flats, the safe choice for owners wanting the job done right.

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Retirees are earning $400 every single week

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Tenants are showing strong demand for affordable accommodation and to meet this need, Granny Flats are booming.

More than 4,818 were built last year in Sydney and NSW alone - nearly double the previous year and three times more than 2010.

With supply struggling to keep up with a booming demand, Granny Flats are making a real comeback as profitable real estate rental - investments.

Earn more money utilising excess yard space on your own property and increase its value at the same time. Once paid off, a new granny flat will provide you with a steady revenue stream.

If you’re planning on building a granny flat for a retirement income, you’re in luck. Granny flat construction prices & finance is becoming very affordable & readily available.

At Ian Cubitt’s Canberra Granny Flats, we will look after your project from start to finish. We are proudly the largest builder of Granny Flats in NSW already and currently constructing over 300 new Granny Flats a year.

7 Steps Toward Your Granny Flat Investment Opportunity:

  1. Phone 1300 721 150 and request a free home consultation. An experienced consultant will visit and advise you of your best options.
  2. He can then arrange for qualified tradesmen to visit your site and prepare quotes.
  3. Your consultant revisits, collects the documentation and submits it to his Head Office. They then prepare a Feasibility Study including the exact legislative requirements for your construction.
  4. Feasibility Study and reports are completed and sent to your consultant, who prepares specifications and final quote.
  5. Consultant revisits you, explains the itemised final quote and discusses your options.
  6. The final contract paperwork is then delivered by the consultant.
  7. A council approved design is then prepared; ready for physical construction.

Call Ian Cubitt’s Classic Home Improvements on 1300 721 150 or visit www.canberragrannyflatsandhomes.com.au visit our Canberra Show Room at 80-82 Kembla Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609.

Visit life-sized, furnished, walk-through Granny Flats to see for yourself. Visit our purpose-built ACT Exhibition Centre at 80-82 Kembla Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609, to discover an extensive outlet that allows you to compare products from numerous suppliers. There are also other home improvement products related to our Granny Flats.

A visit can be well worthwhile. Here, we can offer you professional advice and answer any questions.

Officially Opened on Wednesday 16th January 2019!

  • We have over 150 years of collective experience in the building industry.
  • We're accredited members of HIA (Housing Industry Association).
  • Our diverse range of products and packages can be tailored to suit both your dreams and your budget.
  • We are already the largest builder of Granny Flats in NSW & the ACT.
  • We have an award-winning track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.
  • We're an Australian owned and operated company.


  • 80-82 Kembla Street, Fyshwick ACT 2609
  • 1300 721 150
  • +61 2 4735 2988

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